Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Griffin is 16 sniff sniff!

This past Sunday Griffin turned the sweet 16. Are you allowed to say sweet if it is a boy who turned 16? 

After church, he picked  Outback for his birthday lunch( Yes, he has expensive taste........girls....any takers?). I overheard him telling his grandmother his favorite place to eat is Zaxbys but he did not want to go there for his birthday( No of course not, we would only be out $25 there! Hehe!). He ordered what he wanted( I thought there for a minute he was ordering for the whole table.).  
At the end of lunch, it was time for the Outback performance of Happy Birthday to you! Griffin would have rather skipped the song and dove into the free dessert( Finally something for free!). He should know you can't get your free dessert without having the whole restaurant staring at you.

Just like any other 16 year old, what do they think will be waiting for them around the corner?

None other than a car!

Yes, we broke down(even after the expensive lunch and bought him a car).

Isn't it a beauty!

A mini version of what he would love but can't have unless...

he fills this up........Griffin's car fund. If you would like to contribute send $ to:

Griffin's Dreamworld
$$$$  Easy Street
Hatethehardway, CA  $$$$$

Later that night, there was a devo at church for the youth. We brought a cake

and everyone sang Happy Birthday again!

Seriously, I can't believe my first born is 16. 23 hours of hard labor but it was so worth it once he entered the world. He is a handsome, good, helpful, fantastic, sweet son. I am so thankful that God chose me to be his mother. 

I love you Griffin!

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  1. Love you too Griffin! Happy 16th Birthday!! We will see you this weekend! :)