Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cupcake Wars 9 year old style!

We have been very busy having some party fun! A couple of weeks ago Laney and Ella were invited to their first Cupcake Wars birthday party. We love that show! If you have never seen it, it comes on Food Network. Four cupcake bakers battle it out for $10,000 and for their cupcakes to be featured at a special event. We love watching the type of cupcakes each baker presents and guessing who will win. So when we received the invitation for this birthday party, I don't know who was more thrilled....the girls or me! I was asked ahead of time to be one of the judges.

Each girl was given an apron.

Then before the baking began we got a quick photo of all the competitors.

They we split into teams of four. 

This was Laney's team.

After the teams grouped together,  they had to discuss their strategy. They had three different rounds.

Round 1: Taste
Round 2: Presentation
Round 3: The Kaylee cupcake

Let the baking begin..........

They chose ingredients from the table.....

and began creating!

While waiting on the cupcakes to bake, check out what I caught the jr. group doing.

I don't remember seeing that on the show!

After each round, they had to present their cupcake to the judges.

This was my plate before..............

and this was my plate after the tasting challenge. As you can see that is way to much sweet for me to eat in one sitting. Overall my favorite was the chocolate cupcake coated with a chocolate sauce topped with butter cream frosting. I was highly impressed with the jr group.

For the third round, each girl had to decorate a cupcake around Kaylee the birthday girl.

Laney made hers blue(Kaylee's favorite color).

Ella's on the other hand.......... almost didn't make it to judging time!

A few of the other highlights from the party..............THE SWEETS GALORE!

She had a table filled with.....


cupcake cookies!

A cupcake cake!

This was such a fun party....... but I would not want to be part of the after party clean up crew! All I saw when I left was frosting, frosting, sprinkles, frosting, sprinkles, sprinkles..............

Check back later for another adorable party we attended!

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