Monday, May 2, 2011

Egg Hunt at my parents house.

A few weeks ago( Yes! I am still trying to catch up on posts.), my parents had an Easter egg hunt at their house.  We managed to squeeze in a trip to Montgomery during our very busy April. We left right after school and made it just in time to eat, drink a cup of coffee and head out the door once again. My cousin has a daughter who is a very talented country singer. I was fortunate to be in Montgomery the same night she was singing. 

The next day we were busy getting ready for the egg hunt cleaning out the beds around the tree, cleaning out the garage, hauling dirt, roping off the back of the house and laying pine straw. I think this was the plan all along. I guess inviting us for an egg hunt sounds better than we need slaves!

Laney and Ella waiting to hunt eggs.

Mom planned a few games to keep the kiddos entertained. One of those was a water balloon toss. This was very popular since it was quite hot. I even had to get in on this game.

And who was my partner?

Yep! The same boy that fouled me in basketball and pushed me during a soccer game. We can now add hitting me with a water balloon to that list. I am going to have to remember to stay away from him when it comes to sports.

We had a fun weekend! I am so glad we made to time to visit.

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