Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Awards Day

The kids had Awards Day at school.

Ella received the award for Most Improved Reader.

She received a Bible Award and the.......

Spanish Award. As Ella would say, "Mom, did you know that I canu  speakea Spanisha!"

Laney received.......

The President's Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement and the award for Outstanding Improvement in 3rd Grade. My favorite however is the one that her teacher personally gave her in the classroom which was.....The Curiosity Award for asking great questions and finding lots of interesting answers.  Things like...
1. "Mrs. DeLeon, where do birds poop come out at?"
2. "Mrs. Deleon, I know what the breastbone is ....that is where the milk is."
3. "Mrs. Deleon, my parents got married in Las Vegas......did you know there are naked people all over there." (No! we were not married there and I don't know where she go that one from?????)

Griffin received....

Most Outstanding Student in Algebra 1 and The President's Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence.

He wanted me to take a picture of this.....

He said mom, "Did you know that this was signed by Obama?"

Well it is the Presidential Award and he is the president. Do think I should tell him it is a copy not the original?

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