Saturday, May 14, 2011


Every year on Easter weekend, we attend the Lads to Leaders Convention. Boys and girls are able to participate in many different categories( bible bowl, Good Samaritan, song leading, bible reading,etc). The main focus is the children. Not only do they spend a whole year working on bible knowledge but it helps them to build up their confidence as well. It takes a lot of guts to get up in front of others( an area I lack in). If they start out young speaking in public, it should not be as hard later in life. 

Griffin participated in : bible bowl, Good Samaritan, puppets, group scrapbook,  and second language

Laney participated in: bible bowl, Good Samaritan, puppets, group scrapbook, know the books, centurion of scripture and song leading

Ella participated in: bible reading, song leading and know the books

A few  lot pictures from the weekend.

One of the highlights of the weekend..........
riding the elevator to the top floor.

Laney's bible bowl team. They were finalist.

Each night they have a ceremony where they recognize the participants.

Ella gets so excited about this part. 

The awards......

At the beginning of L2L kickoff season(usually May for us), some kids get excited from the convention and want to participate in everything for the upcoming year. Someone from the above picture who's name I will not reveal did this very same thing. Our leader submitted his form without checking first to see if he.... in fact.....accomplished those marked items. So guess who racked up on the awards this year. We decided to give a new award for next year.......The Non Deserving Award.

After we thought about it, there was only 1 catergory he did not follow through on. Besides counting the number of times Griffin was called to stage, some found other forms of entertainment.

I was so proud of our group scrapbook team. They won first place again this year!

Here was our scrapbook held by the lovely Ella.

Our book was all about love this year. On the cover we made a box of chocolates( wooden blocks we spray painted brown).  On the chocolates, we wrote this years theme.

We had another fun year of learning God's word.


  1. Ahem...I believe I saw someone else playing cards on the back row!

  2. I think that someone was teaching the game not really playing......that person lost at old maid just so the learners would want to play again. Besides, it was intermission for our group....or so I thought. I was caught off guard with all of Griffin's achievements.