Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Ideas

for next year.

I wanted to post these ideas last week but due to computer issues( AGAIN!), I was not able to. Maybe you could use them for next year!

Whether it is  public, private or  homeschool teachers, I feel they are never given the attention they deserve. I am not just saying that because I am a teacher. I think 1 week although very appreciated is not enough. 

I decided my kid's teachers needed something special to show them how much we appreciated all their hard work. We surprised them with a little something each day.


We took graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate and placed them in a bag.

We wrote a note that said, "There should be smore teachers like you". We took some ribbon and tied it all together. 


We sent a pack of Extra gum along with a note that said, "I think you are EXTRA special!"


I forgot to take a picture but we put a candle in a bag and on the outside it said, "You light up my world."


We made their lunch which consisted of Chicken Chilli soup(post recipe later), Mexican cornbread muffins( post recipe later) and a desert and........

put it all in a cute little bag.

Friday picture! My excuse is it was Friday. By this day, I am completely drained from the week. Not to mention we had field day the day before.

We made peanut butter balls, wrapped them up along with a note that said, "You were balls of fun this year!"

We had a great time putting these together. The teachers loved getting a little something special each day!

Have you thanked a teacher lately!

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