Saturday, January 8, 2011

Over the river and through the woods to Nana and Pops we go!

After opening our presents and  saying goodbye to Pa and Grandma, we headed to Montgomery to my parents. Both sisters and their family were already there. We unloaded, played a few  games of Scrabble, had a wonderful lupper( since in between breakfast and lunch = brunch then in between lunch and supper would have to =  lupper.....right?) and then it was time for more presents. It was very interesting this year. My parents had just moved into their home a couple of weeks prior to us coming. I guess my dad took everything from the storage building, wrapped it  and placed a gift tag on each one that said either  to Larry,Dad or Pop from one of us. I told him next year I wasn't buying any presents for him since several magically appeared from us already.

You thought I was joking? Over half of those were his!

My 2 sisters, dad, Laney, Ella and my niece Emma

All the kids got AU books signed by Pat Dye.

Has someone not had a present in a while??

Laney got a special gift.......her first Christmas bras.

I told Carmel to take a picture of me so everyone would know  I was there to. He started snapping so I started posing.

Did you enjoy that? 

After presents, I wanted to take pictures of each family but after waiting on dad to open his many presents this is what I got.......

Ella had fallen asleep so this was the best we got.

My sister and nephew were nowhere to be found so Todd picked up a picture of them and I snapped a photo.

Rebecca finally decided to show up for a picture.

It was a wonderful Christmas Day!

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