Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Forgotten Post?

Well, I was doing pretty good there for a while with posting daily and then work, ballgames, lessons, life, etc........happened. I have several post planned...... if only the snow/ice along with canceled days would come back again then maybe I could get ahead. Which reminds me. I was thumbing through my pictures hoping I could find something to use for a quick post.  Low and behold I had pictures from our snow ice days. I did not get to many because it was rainy and lets just face it WAY TO COLD FOR ME! I am a beachy girl remember?


Yep! A picture of aggrivator #2. Can you guess who came in first?

This is what you build if  you can't roll a snowman.

Ice bowling anyone?

I am starting to question my Mother Of  The Year Award. Why you may ask? If you look a little more closely at the picture above you will see Ella has no pants on.......just tights! What's worse? I didn't notice it until after I went inside and looked at the picture. 
So what would any good mother do? 

I went outside and buttoned up her jacket.


  1. Love the ice bowling...LOL! Looks they all had fun...we didn't even venture out into it...too much ice over here! :)

  2. Cracking up about Ella and her tights! And love that 'bucket pyramid'. My kids had a bunch of fun those two days... no pictures though.

  3. Sherrie....I only stepped out to take a couple of pictures. I was worried I might slip and bust my head. Stacia.....she did not even complain once about being cold. Good thing no one else was out playing. They may have thought she was a redneck in training!