Saturday, January 22, 2011

Edible snowman

If you are from the South like us, then you do not see very much( if at all) snow. I thought I would share a fun way the kids can still build a snowman. The best part is they can eat it when they are done.

How to make:

Take a long skewer and slide on 3 big marshmallows. Use sprinkles for the eyes, nose and buttons. You will have to push these into the marshmallow for them to stay. Next, take a fruit roll up and wrap it around to make a scarf. After you have finished decorating your snowman, poke a hole in a Styrofoam plate and slide the skewer through. The kids could have a little fun before they eat it by acting out a story or creating a puppet show. We sprinkled some powder sugar on the plate to make it resemble snow.

A couple of the others that were created.

These were a blast to make and even better to eat.

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