Friday, January 28, 2011

My over the top helper!

Every once in a while, Ella will get an itch to help out her momma. She likes to surprise me! I guess she has heard me tell her father one to many times that I like the girl's clothes hung up. The other night while I was gone she got that itch. I went into the laundry room to switch out clothes from the washing machine to the dryer when I found this.....

At first, I thought, "Wow! I finally got through to my husband about hanging up the girl's clothes." When I looked in the washing machine I saw Ella's red cheerleading outfit in with white clothes. My hubby knows by now that is a BIG HUGE NO NO! As I glance at the hanging clothes a little closer, I am confused. There were pajamas hanging up. A closer look revealed this....

Now I am convinced! This is not the handy work of my husband after all.

I walk into the kitchen and ask, "So who is my big helper that hung up the clothes for me?" 

Ella very quickly announces, " I wanted to surprise you mom. Aren't I your big helper?"

Awwww! It was one of those sweet moments I wish I had on video. 

Reenactment of the big helper

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