Monday, June 2, 2014

Graduation Celebration

We decided about a couple of months before graduation to have a combined celebration for both Griffin and Michael. Since we were going to have quite a bit of family in town and we would already be at the church building, we decided to have it in the fellowship hall. Once we decided on the venue, my mind begin racing and my fingers did a lot of pinning for ideas! I have a lot to share so I am going to break up this post into 2 parts. The first part will be pictures from the evening. The second part will be the decor and details of the party.

We had a great time eating, talking and reminiscing the past! Since I did not get a lot of pictures of my family with Griffin after graduation, you will see a lot of them.

Here are the 2 boys we were celebrating!

They were glad to be out of their cap and gown!

 This was Griffin's first time holding his new 6 week old cousin.

This is my granny. She is 92 but still is as active as a 40 year old. I was so glad she was able to come! Funny story about my granny. 

We were at graduation. Griffin was the very last one to get his diploma(not too many last names with X,Y or Z). The speaker was waiting on Griffin to get his picture made off to the side of the stage before the ceremony continued. At this point, everything was dead silent. Griffin gets his picture taken and as he starts walking back to his seat my granny yells......

Goooooo Griffin!

Yep.......that's my dear ole granny!

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