Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Then and Now

That was the theme for Griffin and Michael's graduation celebration. I knew I wanted to incorporate pictures, past and present, into the decor for the room. I knew whatever I did it needed to be masculine. Pinterest definitely does not have as many cute ideas for boys as it does for girls. Since the boys both like blue, the color was the first thing chosen.

With some help from Pinterest, here is how it turned out.

These were placed in the middle of each table.

My favorite part was what was on both sides of the basket. 

I used left over vegetable and fruit cans to hold pictures from then and now. The picture above was Griffin when he was 1 and his senior picture. I did several with Griffin.

kindergarten and senior year 

2005 and 2014
Griffin/Ashton and Griffin with the other Stowe cousins(minus Easton)

2005(Ella is the baby) and 2012

I did the same with Michael.

I did several with the both of them.

2000 and 2014

I had the picture of them in a twin bed from 1999. I took the other picture just a few days before graduation.

I had a great time putting all the pictures together and it gave the guest plenty to look at and reminisce. 

We set up a few tables up at the front of the room to display pictures, gifts and other memorabilia.

I will explain the blanket in another post.

I ordered a book for Griffin filled with all his senior pictures. I wanted a place for family to write something special to Griffin.

I ordered a sign to honor our 2 graduates. When I designed it, My intentions were for the party but also to put up in their dorm room.......if they wanted????  Without mentioning my thoughts, I was happy when they asked me if they could have it....for their dorm room!!!!!

For the main food table, I spray painted the numbers 2 0 1 4 and hot glued them to candlesticks for height.

The yummy food was definitely the best decor at this table. We had chicken fingers, homemade mac and cheese, green beans, broccoli salad and bread.

The dessert table was filled with yummy treats!

We had three types of cupcakes topped with a special graduation topper.

Red velvet with cream cheese icing.....Griffin's favorite!

Thank you to Laney and Ella for helping me make all the toppers!

We provided a few individual toppers for those who didn't want a cupcake or wanted extra.

The last item on the dessert table were the diplomas.

My brother in law did an awesome job putting together a video for everyone to watch! 

We had a great time celebrating 2 boys who will be going to college together in just a couple of short months..........yikes!

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