Tuesday, April 1, 2014

If you don't like to play with poop, then I suggest you not look.

We played with poop and loved it! Okay...... maybe 2 out 3!

You may be wondering....why on earth would you play in poop? 

I can't think of a better way to learn the digestive system than a good old fashioned experiment!

Now for those of you who have made it this far and haven't thrown up........I HAVE PICTURES!!!!!!!


Okay.....let me stop right there and explain. No....I did not take the camera with me into the bathroom. I am not that disgusting! We did the next best thing. I found this idea on Pinterest and knew I wanted to try it. This was awesome!!!!!!! I normally would not say that about POOP! If your child is ever studying anatomy and needs a visual on how the digestive system works, this experiment is a must!!! The site where I got the idea does a great job of explaining each step. There is even a video! I will just show you our pictures and give you a brief synopsis.

It all starts with a can of Spaghetti Os. It goes in your mouth(bowl). Hidden underneath the Os is a piece of bread. We wanted some carbs with our meal.

Mix in a little saliva(water)

and use your teeth(potato masher) before you swallow!

Down to the stomach(blender) it goes where it mixes with your stomach juices(vinegar). At this stage it's called chyme.

Nasty smell alert! 
Hint: Good lesson on why throw up smells!

Next up..... stomach bile(food coloring) is added to break down the fat in chyme and turns it the brown. We didn't have any red food coloring so our poop is now a purplish brown color. 

It's ready for the small and large intestines(tights). 

 The large intestines(tights) acts as a dryer for your poop. This is where it gets REALLY messy but is also the best part......in my opinion. See......during this process.....poop firms up and becomes a solid.

(Your welcome....... for the close up picture!)

 The final result........POOP!

We must have had a little diarrhea( in the blender too long). Your poop should  come out a little firmer than ours did! ;)  

There you have it!

OUR........POOP.....PLAYING.......FUN......along with a little learning, of course!

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