Friday, April 4, 2014

Does anybody know where to find the fountain of youth?

I can't believe my son has gone from .....

a a....


We are nearing the end of senior year!
If I allow myself to stop and think about what will happen in 6 short weeks, I don't think the tears would stop! It's a good thing I am keeping busy with preparations for a graduation banquet, graduation and a graduation party! I am so excited for my son to begin this new chapter in his life. I just wish the old chapter hadn't gone by so quickly! I can remember people telling me when he was younger......"He will be a senior before you know it!" and now IT'S ALMOST OVER

We spent yesterday getting him signed up for college. He has chosen to attend a local Christian college here. It's ironic how we both went to college together back in the late 90's(I was pregnant with him while getting my degree) and we will both be in college(different universities) at the same time again. I am going back to get my masters. After touring with him yesterday, I am seriously thinking about getting a room on campus. You know......a place to get away and study( wink....wink!!)

A really good friend of ours took the picture above and several others. She did a fantastic job and we were really pleased with the way they turned out! 

 I know I am his momma......... but I think he is one handsome man!!!!!

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