Friday, January 18, 2013

Paris themed room.......almost!

If you are a regular on here then you know that I am s...l...o...w...l...y working on Laney's Paris themed room. She has had several decor pieces, bed spread, etc for quite a while now. I am finally nearing the end! YAY! All that is left is the painting projects. I have  2 dressers and a desk to paint. I wanted to buy used so that I could add the Paris touch without destroying expensive new pieces. I will post the progress of that later. For right now, I thought I would share her new daybed and a few other new decor pieces.

 She got the Paris frame for her birthday almost 2 years ago( see I told you it has been a long time in the works!). The 2 iron dress pieces were a gift from Santa this year.

 Some of her other decor.......

I kept the lamp stand from one we already had, bought the black shade and added the trim.

This has been the sleeping arrangements ever since she got her bed.

(The dresser in the background is one that needs to be painted.)

We had to get the bed with a trundle so little sis would have somewhere to sleep.........even though she does have her own room!


  1. Where did you get the eiffel tower frame....the one she got 2 years ago for her birthday

  2. Sorry I just now saw your comment. Most of the pieces in her room came from Hobby Lobby including the black tower. Thanks for looking!