Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas ideas for next year

The last bit of Christmas fun ended when the in laws left yesterday. Now that we have officially handed all the gifts out, I thought I would share some of the crafts/gifts/projects I did this last year.

I made Santa pots to hold some homemade vanilla and a bag of White Moose Cappuccino.

I painted the bottom part of a flower pot red and the top part black. I hot glued a silver washer to the front to resemble Santa's belt. 

Laney helped make reindeer noses for her class.

We filled a bag with Whoppers and 1 red peanut M&M.

 I made an erasable Prayer list.

I took a piece of notebook paper and cut it to fit a picture frame. I wrote at the top Prayer List(I have seen grocery list, menu plans, notes,etc). I hot glued a bow to the top and added a sharpie. Those who need prayers can be easily added to the list. A prayer that has been answered can be thanked and then easily erased.

I turned my tree in the foyer into a Santa tree. I thought I had taken a picture but as I was looking back at my pictures I must have forgotten. I put the tree into a red container and added a Santa belt and white batting. I got the idea from here. I guess you will have to wait until next year to see what mine looked like. 

I did get a picture of the ornaments I made for the tree.

I made sock cupcakes for several friends and family.

These are very easy to make and turn out really cute.

I guess this year turned into a crafty Christmas.

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