Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning

On Christmas Eve, we do the usual. We have Christmas dinner together in the formal dining room
(hubby says it the only time we use that room.......not so!), watch a movie, throw the reindeer food out and read Twas the Night Before Christmas

Your never to old to throw food to the reindeer

Do you think I would be asking to much for matching PJs for the big guy? 

Santa had just finished placing the gifts where they needed to go around 2:00 in the morning. At approximately 2:10, we hear the sounds of 2 little girls checking out their gifts under the tree in their room. That was a close call for Santa!

 Santa brought some much needed gifts this year.

We're going to Disney!

Griffin got the perfect gift for the old guy.

I can never go wrong with SC stuff!

Chewy loved his gifts!

I was so excited to open my gift....a sewing/embroidery machine. 
I see many projects in my future!

We always take pictures with the kids in front of their gifts( I like to look back in years past to see what they got.)

Griffin's big gift was his car(pictures to come soon). He also upgraded to an iphone. He has to pay us weekly for the use of his phone. Santa paid his bill for the year........since his funds were depleted from purchasing a car.

Laney got a daybed and decor for her Paris room(pictures to come soon).......yes it's still a work in progress.
Since her brother upgraded to an iphone, she got his ipod. 

Ella got a bike, lots of items for her American Girl and an ipod.

We had another great Christmas morning!

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