Monday, December 10, 2012

We are back at the beach.......

okay maybe not full time like we were a few years ago but it is still wonderful! The hubs got a reserve job at Cocoa Beach, Fl. For us, it will be like a mini vacation but for him it will be work. I think it works out great......wouldn't you say? I can see many trips to Disney! Our first trip was last weekend and it was packed with fun! Due to an over abundance of pictures, I will be breaking this post up.

Sea World

While my wonderful hard working hubby was drilling, we took advantage of  free tickets to Sea World. It was wonderful!  The weather was outstanding and there were no lines for anything! We went one year the week of Thanksgiving and it was insane! 

They had the park all decorated for Christmas. It was beautiful!

The only show we saw was the dolphin and bird show. 

The kids got tired of me taking pictures (what's new??) but there were so many great photo opportunities!

This was as close as we got to Shamu. The times of the show didn't allow for us to see it. That hard working man I told you about earlier......he needed a ride. As much fun as we were having, I couldn't leave him there all night.......not even for Shamu.

A few rides.

Griffin tried so hard to get Laney on the Manta. She said next year.

My favorite thing this year was The Polar Express Experience.

We chose the ride rather than the walk through. We sat in motion seats while watching clips from the Polar Express movie. After the ride, we walked through to see the belugas and polar bears.

Along the way, Ella found her present

and Santa!
 Griffin and Laney said they were to old to be in a picture with Santa.

In this next picture, a display told you how long animals could hold their breath under water. You could press a button to see how long you could hold your breath.

We still think Laney was breathing through her nose.

At the end, you could buy hot chocolate but who wants hot chocolate when it's 75 to 80 outside.

Ella made sure to get her ticket punched before walking out.

 Can't wait to go back!

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