Sunday, December 23, 2012

Our elf Harley had to step it up!

I thought Harley was doing a good job hiding

in places like the light fixture.....

or a Chrismas present.

That is.........until Laney told me, "Ummmm mom.......Harley is boring!"   What??  What happened to the good old days(last year) when it was fun just playing hide and go seek each day. I did not realize we were in competition! Harley forgot to move for a few days from the light fixture. He had a hard time getting can be scary up there! 

Besides if  the kids misbehave, he won't move(I think I read that in the manual book somewhere).  

The girls are lucky it was only 3 days. 
I thought Harley should have left for the North Pole and reported it to Santa!

Instead.......he stepped up his game and got creative.


went on a date with Barbie.

Date did not go well because we found this the next morning

and this!

After Harley freed himself,  he relaxed with a nice cup of hot cocoa......with a helping of extra marshmallows!

Laney seems to enjoy Harley's creativity.

He woke up in the middle of the night to feed the twins.

After a long night, he decided to take a nap.

After a power nap, he went bungee jumping.

I found it hard to keep up with Harley the whole time so I did not get a picture of everything.

He also......

worked out with the big marshmallow weights,
sat down on the bench to look at all our wonderful Christmas cards we had received,
rolled the living room,
and kicked Lanie( Laney's AG) out of her new bed so he could snuggle with her dog.

Tonight is his last night here......I wonder if he will end with a big bang!

Speaking of big bang, I think I better go check on him.......

I wouldn't want him to do something crazy!

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