Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cookie Making Party

Last Saturday,  the younger kids ( who were just recently named KC4C - Kids Connect For Christ) from church got together for some cookie making and hot chocolate drinking fun. It wouldn't be any fun if we did not share them with others. We planned to deliver some of the cookies to special people from our congregation.

We started out by rolling out sugar cookie dough and picking out a cookie cutter.

As you can see some decided to decorate before baking them.

 While the kids were waiting on their cookies to cook, they had many options to fill their time.

 They could make a frame,

make a card to go along with the cookies we were going to deliver,

sew up a bear for sick children,

or play Christmas Bingo.

 Some of the older children help make special cake mix cookies to deliver.

 Once the cookies were done baking, it was time to frost.

Ella made this Auburn snowman for her nana and pop. She said she was going to save it for when they come to visit. I had to explain they were not coming until Jan and it would not be good. So I ate it for them. Nana and pop it was delicious! 

  We could not eat cookies without having something to wash them down. A hot chocolate buffet was set up for the kids( okay....maybe a few adults enjoyed it too!).

There were many choices of additions to make it your own.

Once our bellies were full and our energy level was up, it was time to deliver. The kids were so excited to ride on the churches new bus!


We delivered to 5 different houses. The kids sang a couple of songs and wished them a Merry Christmas.

Here was our group that participated.

It was such a fun day!

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