Monday, May 14, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

Did you appreciate your child's teacher last week? 
I know I was spoiled everyday last week. I received many wonderful gifts from my class and the PTFA. We were treated to either breakfast or lunch everyday. I am glad it's only for a week or I would blow up like a balloon from all the yummy food.

I thought I would share how my own children treated their teachers last week. We have 5 teachers (not including myself) to appreciate. Although, I wish I could send each of them on a relaxing cruise but that is impossible. Don't forget I am on a teacher's salary as well! We tried to make them all feel special in a wonderful but less expensive way. 

We had themes each day.

Day 1 = Flower Day

We brought each teacher a flower to plant.

Day 2 = Healthy Day

We brought a water bottle with a drink mix attached to it. 
The bottle read, "Thanks for quenching my thirst for knowledge."

Day 3 = Sweet Day

We brought M&M's that were attached with a note that said, "For a Marvelous & Magnificent Teacher." On the back was a dot of each M&M color and  cute little sayings. I got this idea and printable off of pinterest.

Day 4 = Note Day

We made note day a little more special by typing up a few kind words.

We then put the notes in a cute little box along with mints.

We closed it up and attached a note to the outside that read, "Here are just a few of the things I "mint" to tell you all year.

Day 5 = Vacation Day (No... we did not get the day off! Boo!)

This was probably my favorite idea. If you did not know already, coffee is apparently a must when it comes to teaching. I used to hate the stuff until I started back teaching 2 years ago.  I would probably fall asleep at my desk if I did not have a cup of Joe in the mornings. On the weekends, I am more of a iced coffee and frappuccino girl. I know I am WILD!

I bought each teacher a gift card to Starbucks. I found this printable online and thought it was way too cute not to use.

When I bought the gift card, I asked the guy if I could have some frappuccino cups. They gave me 6 for free!

Here's what I did with it.

I put brown shred paper for baskets in the bottom and white on top to resemble whipped topping. The note was rolled up and placed in the cup to look like a straw.

You may be wondering where's the gift card? It's hidden inside the cup!

I had fun putting these together and the teacher enjoyed their daily surprises!

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