Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ella's Field Day

I know Ella's already graduated but I want to share her water field day.

The teachers who planned it came up with some really cute games that I thought would be great for your next field day or just at home.

 The first game was Laundry Day
Each child had to get a wet shirt from the bucket and race to hang it on the fence to dry.

A few of Ella's friends

Next game was Holy Water.
They had to get a cup of water and race to fill up the 2 liter bottle. The challenge......there was a hole in the cup.

Next, we moved onto Water Bottle Freeze Tag.
It is just like freeze tag except you do not touch the spray them with water.

I taught Ella she is spraying a teacher!

Marble Pick Up
They had to pick up a marbles with  their feet and put them in a bucket.

This was probably the favorite!

Human Bowling

After a fun filled few hours, it was time to cool off with a freezer pop!

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