Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Granny turns 90

My grandmother (aka granny) turned 90 a few weeks back. My dad and his sister threw here a surprise birthday party.  She was definitely surprised!

The night started off with none other than......yep you guessed it..........games!

Who were the top 3? My sister, Carmel and myself.

There was plenty of great food!

A sweet, tearful and happy slide show was put together which consisted of all the wonderful memories she has had so far!

It would not be called a party without.........


My dear old hip granny still can handle her own candles!

Can you tell my niece enjoyed her cake?

My granny, aunt, dad and mom

Our family with my granny.

My sister and her family

My nephew

I love my granny! 
  I pray that God gives us many more years with her!

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