Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Earth Day

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated Earth Day at school. It was perfect because we were learning about plants in Science. We started our day by pulling weeds.  Nothing like getting your hands a little dirty. Most people would cringe but I find it addictive. I can't  pull just one!

This was our big pile of weeds!

One of my students told me, "Mrs. Weed you are good at pulling weeds!"

My response.........

"How do think I got the last name Weed"

After pulling, it was time to plant.

When Ella found out we were going to be planting, she just had to bring her princess pad and shovel her daddy got her (of course, the cobwebs had to be removed first).

Here was the fruits of our labor......

We took a couple of days to talk about insects. While we were outside, we decided to observe insects up close.

 We talked about the different parts of an insect and then made an edible one.


We used marshmallows for the head, thorax and abdomen. To hold them together we used peanut butter. We also used chocolate chips for the eyes, potato chips for the wings, pretzels for the legs and twizzlers for the antennas.

The next week, we made ladybugs.

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