Wednesday, February 2, 2011

If you can't take the heat.......

then don't get a Spicy Chicken Biscuit from Chickfila!

Today for Groundhogs Day, Chickfila( at least in the Middle Georgia area) was offering a free spicy chicken biscuit to all their customers. Now if you know me then you know it's not to often I let an opportunity like this slip away. I  woke the children up with a smile.....biscuit day I tell them threatened  that if they did not wake, I would have 4 biscuits to myself. We got ready while singing  "It's a Beautiful Morning" together as fast as we could and rushed out the door leaving half of our school stuff behind( that's okay because we were getting something for freeeeeee!). We chatted about the wonderful day we were going to have and all the new  information we were eager to learn I turned up the radio as loud as I could so I would not have to hear the arguing going on in the back of the car. We arrived at Chickfila where our biscuits we waiting for us only to wait for about 15 minutes at the drive thru window. I guess they were not expecting so many frugal people. After pulling off, we share laughs race to school dodging traffic and running red lights so we are not late.

Okay so I am exaggerating a little. Our day did not go exactly like the above story. I am not the frugal demon Nazi that the story betrays. Although, I think some people out there view us( couponers who only want to stretch the dollar) that way. We did however enjoy our free biscuits! 

Here are the results from the taste testing of the Spicy Chicken Biscuit.

Laney enjoyed hers although she thought it was a touch spicy.

Ella kept asking for water. She ended up just eating the biscuit.

Griffin ate his, half of mine and the rest of Ella's chicken. He was glad to have meat for breakfast. He once told me, " Mom, a growing boy like me needs meat for every meal." I think when it comes to meals he is an endless, bottomless pit!

I do not have a picture of me( I know you are disappointed) but I liked it. Be careful though it does have a kick to it!

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  1. You crack me up!! And I think your kids have your delightful sense of humor :o)