Tuesday, February 22, 2011


A couple of weeks ago, 1st through 12th grades went to a local skating rink. One of the teachers decided she did not want to go so I took her place. It has been a while since I have put on a pair of skates. Ohhhhh! The memories that came rushing back once I slipped on those nasty, smelly, uncomfortable skates. Back in the day( elementary age), it seemed like everyone  had their party at the skating rink......including me. I could skate  forward, backwards, squatting and sideways. Needless to say, those skills did not come rushing back when I put on skates the other day. Also, a sense of safety sets in due to the increase in age, flexibility and the fact that I have a family who could not live without me. Aside from the toilet overflowing and flooding the bar area, a few slip up songs being played and a couple of kids getting hurt, we had a great time.

Laney has told me numerous times  that she wants to have her next birthday party at the skating rink.

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  1. Oh, all those memories of Skatehaven and Skate-a-thons are rushing back right now!