Sunday, October 31, 2010

Character Day at school

Friday, the kids and staff could dress up as a character from a book. I sat back and thought about what I wanted to wear.......then it hit me. What would I be most comfortable pajamas of course! Which led me straight to the book Polar Express. Since I did not have any cute pajamas, I thought I would splurge on me a costume this year. I went to Target hoping to find a cheap 2 piece pajama set. I ran into this and the search was over.
I did not even have to wear shoes. Isn't that just marvelous? I was so comfortable! I think we should designate Fridays as pajama day. I am looking forward to December when we have pajama day and watch the movie Polar Express.

I could not be a character from the Polar Express book and not have a ticket and a bell. Notice my ticket says cool........because I'm cool like that.

Griffin started out as a Harley rider and ended up adding to his costume. I am still not sure what he intended his costume to be but at least he put forth the effort and dressed up. About a hour later, I found his costume in my room. I think he was among the few that actually dressed up in the high school.

Laney was Lanie from American Girl. She is all about comfort these days so this suited her just fine. She wanted to wear whatever costume would allow her to wear her flipflops.

Ella loves the Fancy Nancy books. So it was easy to dress her. She wore a fancy dress and then we just kept adding the accessories. She won best costume in her class.

I say Ella is my unpredictable child because she is just that. One minute she is wrestling with Griffin and the next she is dressed all prissified ( okay so this may not be a word but it sounds good).
The hardest and most time consuming part of these costumes was this......

It was  worth it because I think it made the....well... how would Fancy Nancy say it......ensembles.( That's a fancy word for outfits.)

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