Monday, April 19, 2010

Savannah's 1st Birthday

This past weekend we traveled to South Carolina to celebrate my niece turning 1. She is such a cutie and oh so sweet. I thought many times about sneaking  her into my suitcase and taking her home. Here are a few highlights from the weekend. 

This is Savannah.

I snapped a few before the party started.

I remember when I was Laney's age and loved holding babies. My sisters and I used to sit and watch the clock anticipating our turn to hold our cousins. 

Laney was by Savannah's side just about the whole weekend.

We got her several outfits and this bow. She left it on for a full 2 seconds.

Her favorite part of opening presents was playing with the tissue paper.

Time for cake!

She ate a bite or 2 and then........

let everyone know she was done!

Carmel Weed's 2 girls decided to help themselves to the rest of the Savannah's cake.

pinata time

I am thinking maybe we should sign Laney up for softball again. She smacked the pinata twice and it broke open. 

Yes, that is my goofy husband sporting part of the pinata.

Later that day the kids got in the hot tub or should I say cold tub.

What a wonderful weekend with family!

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