Monday, April 12, 2010

Ella's First Game

Ella is my child that is so unpredictable. One minute she is a girly girl playing dress up and the next minute she is rough and tough and wrestling with Griffin. We decided to sign her up for ball because she seems to be our sports girl. She was so excited about her first game this past Saturday. We packed up her pink helmet, pink bat, pink glove and pink shoes and headed to the ball field for a match up between the Athletics and the Braves. Our goal for the day......make sure the kids run to the right base, no boo boos, NO tantrums and make sure the kids have fun.

Nothing like a little coaching from big brother.

I look over one time and this is what I see. So sweet! Griffin told me later Ella said her back was hurting from leaning over so much ( Griffin had her on the ground and ready for the ball the whole time. Tough big brother!). I guess holding his hand made it feel better.

Ella did great (just like her mother used too!) Hopefully, Ella will love it and want to play for many more years.
I love this sport!


  1. How cute! I'll have to show Jack these pictures. He hasn't really shown much interest in joining a team but I'm not sure he realizes he's old enough. Let us know you game times and maybe we'll come cheer Ella on!!

  2. We just asked Ella and she said she wanted to. Of course, she also said she wants to do cheerleading, dance, basketball. She plays every Sat until May 22. She would love for her boyfriend to come see her.

  3. Ella looks so cute in her uniform. That's so sweet that Griffin was helping her the whole time.