Friday, February 19, 2010

Yet another reason why I should win mommy of the year

Yesterday, we went to Tybee Island to look at the beach houses we have selected for the Ladies Retreat. There were 4 houses but we were only able to see the inside of 2 because the others were occupied. We needed to get an idea of which house could accommodate who, which one we could try to fit everyone in, best parking, etc. I was taking pictures and my mind was going ninety to nothing with ideas for that weekend in Oct.

We all got out to look at the first one. It was 3 stories and just like all kids they are curious and want to see each room. Mine took off and once they had seen all the rooms they played hide and go seek. 15 minutes later we load up and head on over to the other house.

We arrive at the other house. I get my camera and start taking pictures starting with the outside and working my way inside. Just like in the other house the kids go check out all floors. We spend another 15 minutes in this house and get ready to leave. I yell up the stairs for the kids to come. Griffin and Laney come but no Ella. I figured she is hiding and not saying anything( she tends to do that at home). We start looking in all the rooms under beds and in closets. No Ella! Come to think of it I hadn't remembered seeing her the whole time we were in the house.

I would not have seen her because............ I left her strapped in her car seat in the car the whole time?!?!?!?

I am such a bad mom!!!!!!!! She had been crying of course.When I got to the car she said, "YOU LEFT ME!" I loved on her, we took her on a special tour of the house and walked down to play on the beach.

She forgave me!


  1. You know...just be glad it was winter and no cops were around. ;) You forgot to take me with you, too. Now I'm all sad. :( Oh well, maybe next time!

  2. I did feel really bad for her! She did recover quickly, though. That child is like you-loves the beach!! :D