Friday, February 19, 2010

Our trip to Tybee Island

I mentioned in the last post about going to Tybee Island to look at the beach houses for the ladies retreat in Oct. Let me just tell you how excited I am about going this year. Those of you who know me or read my blog know that I LOVE THE BEACH! Anytime I am there or know that I am going there I get like a little child all giddy and excited. Here are a few highlights from our trip.
Beach house #1
Beach house #2

Beach house #3

Beach house #4

The crew
Laney, Ella, Dawn, KK, me and Griffin(who is taking the photo)

All of the houses we really nice. This one had a big porch.

House #2 is within walking distance to the beach. We couldn't go all that way without a little playtime on the beach so we headed that way.

Griffin found a nice starfish.

We had a great time!
Now I am off to the kitchen for a baking day.

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  1. You did get some really good pics! I'm excited, too! :D