Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Cake

This past weekend we went to a birthday party for a little girl at church who was turning one. She is so sweet! Occasionally, we get to keep her during the day and my girls are by her side the whole time. I usually have to fight Laney for a chance to hold her.
I just love 1st birthdays. My favorite part of the whole party has to be........

They start off with the unsure feelings of am I allowed. After much persuasion( in Laney and Ella's case putting their face in it with the help of daddy), a finger finally makes its way to touching the white stuff. They take that first bite of pure pleasure but still wondering if they will get that tap on the hand and hear the word NO. When mommy gives the look of approval, they continue with dainty bites( in Mariah's case one sprinkle at a time). Then comes the fun part............
the part where they tell themselves.... THIS STUFF IS GOOD! IT TASTE NOTHING LIKE BREASTMILK! They eventually make there way into a trance where it is just them and THE CAKE. The DEVOURING begins.......

Occasionally, they are distracted because the big people are laughing or even trying to get a bite. Do they not know that mom made a cake for them over on that table. Since mom has begun the teachings of sharing, some decide to share(baby slobber and all).

And about the time they are really putting a dent in the cake. Mom takes it away and the only part left is what is on there hands, face, nose, eyes, head, hair and clothes. After licking the only place they can see .....their hands, they are hit with the woozy and passing out feeling. They start leaning back a little more in their chair as they realize why......THEY HAD TO WAIT A WHOLE YEAR TO EAT THEIR FIRST CAKE.


  1. Cute pictures!! i love it when the little one really enjoys their cake :D and good job on your commisary deal!!

  2. It was a cute party! We loved seeing her get all messy!