Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Frugal opportunity gone south!

I received a text from Chickfila that said " Come dressed in your pjs Tuesday and receive a free breakfast item. The cow will be reading stories. I will be there at 5:00." I am thinking hot diggity dog I know where I will be Tuesday morning.

So this morning, I tell the girls to keep there pjs on because we are going to get some free breakfast. I bring along my camera because I am thinking this will make for a wonderful blog post. We get there, walk in and........ I noticed no one else is in there pjs (They must not know about scoring free food. LUCKY US!). We are standing looking a the menu( I am telling the girls to order whatever they want)............ when I hear a lady say "You are just a tad to early"...... WHAT??? It is only 7:55. I thought it was from 5-8. She then tells me "PM!" I mention to her that I received their text and it did not say pm. I just assumed since it was breakfast....HELLO.......morning??????

Oh just wait it gets better..........

At this point I don't want to look cheap, so I order some breakfast and we eat. We literally sneak out the back and get in the car. While I am waiting on the girls to buckle, I check the text. NOPE......no PM anywhere in it. I am usually not a complainer but I thought Chickfila needed to know ....for next time of course.......to make sure they put pm. I send a friendly text with my ever so loving opinion. They respond within minutes and apologize. So I am thinking WOW... they sure are quick with their response. I must be special!!!!!!! Until the next text says...............

Are you going to the library today? WHO?????? WHAT??????? You mean I am not communicating with Chickfila.

I found out who it was and we had a good laugh!

In my defense........
1. I occasionally get text from companies.
2. There was no name attached to the text or number.
3.I receive emails from Chickfila so the text did not seem to weird.

And if you are wondering......no we did not go back that night.


  1. LOL! That was a funny story! I'm sad you didn't go back last night though. LOL! ;) Brian grabbed us some from the drive-thru, so it wasn't free...he wasn't in pajamas! :)

  2. Very funny :) But I thought you were going to score with corprate by texting them back... like free meals for a year...or something awesome like that! Still made for a great blog post though :D

  3. You know you still could have taken pictures and it would have made this an even better blog post! You have definitely given me a good laugh this morning!