Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentines skating party

We joined CGCHE( Central Georgia Christian Home Educators) a while back. Any of the activities you think your child may miss out on by not being in school they have it covered. They have so many things available to choose from like Book It, Girl's club, field day, field trips, etc. One of the things kids look forward to and get the most excited about are the parties. They had a Valentine's party at the local skating rink here. Laney was so excited. First of all, she loves parties but make it a skating party and she will do just about anything. I told her if she worked hard we would go. She was done with school by Thursday and even finished a few extra lessons. Off we went Friday to the skating rink. I wasn't sure how many were going to be there so I let the girls sign 16 Valentine cards each to pass out. I was only short about 40. I did not realize how many homeschoolers there were until we went to this party. You should have seen the boxes/bags lined up on the benches. I wanted to get a picture but there were kids lined up passing out their Valentines.

Ella doing the Hokey Pokey

Ella went around once with my help of course and was done. Laney however skated until they said go home.

It was a fantastic fun day!


  1. That looks like so much fun! I used to love to skate! I'm also surprised by the number you said were there! Neat!

  2. You managed to snap a picture of Caleb. :) How did your pictures all turn out good, and mine are all horrible? LOL! ;)

  3. I love skating! Where is that rink? It's so much nicer than the ghetto one here. I want to go there the next time we are in GA.

  4. Sherrie, I should have gotten a close up of Caleb. Amber, it is off of N Houston Rd. Laney wants her party there this year. Since you love skating so much you will have to come. It can be a kid/adult skating party.