Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nothing like a Halloween post for Veterans Day!

I have been so busy looking and searching other blogs that I have not posted on mine lately. So here is our fun filled Halloween. Carmel and Griffin went to Tenn for the weekend so I decided the girls and I would enjoy the local free or almost free events for that day. We started with a spooky breakfast made up of bloody eggs with a hint of spider, cinnamon pumpkin toast, eyeball bananas and ghostly chocolate milk. After breakfast, we headed out for the day. First stop....
They were having a free craft event. We must have been to late because the craft time was over. The lady said she had over 50 kids come. We were however able to snag the last two buckets with goodies in them.

By this time we needed to refuel. So we headed to.......
We went because kids were suppost to eat for free on Halloween. Not the case at ours. They were 99 cents. We were still able to eat for $7....not bad! While we were waiting a man dressed as a gorilla scared Ella. He came to our table to show her he was not real. As he was walking away Laney tells him "Your hot!" We started laughing and she turned red. She meant that he must have been hot in that costume but it did not come out right.

So after lunch we headed to........

They colored, meet Geoffrey, walked in a parade and received a bag of goodies.

Later that evening we went to Dawn's house for food, fun and trick or treating.

We had a Happy Halloween!


  1. I had no idea all that fun stuff was going on around town. You are such a great mom for making sure your kids get to do lots of fun things.

  2. What can I say I am just a hip mom. Really it is the rush from finding and doing free or cheap things.