Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fair, Gymnastics and Trunk or Treat all rolled into one!

We went to the fair a couple of Saturdays ago. It was not very crowded but soon realized why "It cost too much!" It was full price to get in and then there was no wristband that day so the tickets were $1 each. We bought $50 worth of tickets which did not last very long. Carmel and I kept saying to each other, "Well that ride cost $9 to ride." We were suppost to go on military day but it rained. The most important part is that we had fun and spent time together.

The girls have been asking to do gymnastics for about a year now but there was not a place in Crestview. We finally found a place here and they have had 2 classes so far and love it. They look forward to it every Tuesday.

We attended the annual Trunck or Treat at the Lineberger's. I had this plan of how I would decorate the van. Well that idea was blown out of the water when the transmission went out(long story another post). So after a long day of running errands, the unplanned pick up of Carmel and the girls on the side of the rode and a rush back home, I had to quickly throw something together. Carmel's trunk was filled with junk( I mean manly things) so we could not do an actual trunk or treat. Ours was more like a by the trunk or treat. Below is what we came up with. I had throw the eyes in the bucket, make a Halloween card and find the spiders in the monster's guts.
I am so glad the girls were easy to please this year. Laney was a SPA PRINCESS and Ella was a COOKER GIRL. Easy and you can't beat free for a costume.
Ella trick or treating at Mrs Cheryl's van.
We had a great week last week and are ready for some Halloween fun!

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  1. I loved those creative costumes! And, I thought your "trunk" was very cool and different. I mean, it had a craft station, for goodness sake!

    Griffin will be a good husband one day, I'm sure! (Comment for previous post!)