Thursday, October 1, 2009

Germs and the Law

Yesterday we were in the car and Laney offers Ella some of her water. Ella replies, "Ewwww, you had your mouth all over it." I think it is funny that she will not drink from her sister but she will chew gum that she found from underneath a table.

Laney and I were in CVS(getting the latest deal). The cops had a man in handcuffs and was asking him questions. I assume he had shoplifted( It could have all been avoided if he just knew the shopping game. He probably could have gotten that item for free this week.) I tried to go about my shopping very quickly because I had 90 questions girl with me and I knew they would be coming. I was proud of her because she waited until we got out to the car before she asked( probably to busy staring and taking it all in). I was surprised because she only asked 1 question, "What was he stealing." I found it odd but proceeded with a lesson to learn. You steal the cops take you to jail. I didn't realize until later that night when she tells her daddy about the incident that while I was checking out she was over there with the cops. I am sure she was interrogating them on the situation. She said, "The cop told me to go with my mom." I guess that is why she did not have 90 questions in the car.

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  1. LOL! I didn't know you had a blog, but I'm glad to see you know about mine already! Loved the cakes you made!