Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Warner Robins Ladies Retreat

A couple of weeks ago the ladies from Warner Robins Church of Christ and a few surrounding churches went on a retreat to Dahlonega, Ga. We left Friday morning around 10:00 and went to the Thomaston Rd church in Macon to pick up a group. The picture below is a group shot before we left for North Ga. We stopped at the outlets in Dawsonville where we ate lunch and did a little shopping. I say little because we were only there for a couple of hours. True outlet shopping for me would have been all day and going home with several bags. My family would say I am the slowest shopper. I say it is because I have 5 people to shop for and I only look for the bargains. Full price is not my idea of shopping. Anyways, after the outlets we went to our lodge. The scenery was beautiful but the rooms were a little different story. We were not there to spend time in our rooms so it did not matter to me. I know the ladies with the ladybug room, rat room, centipede room, no heat room would beg to differ. The theme for the weekend was Sisters Joined at the Heart. We discussed our talents and how to use them. Several of our very talented ladies spoke throughout the weekend. Each lesson was unique and meaningful. There was a table set up with potpourri along with a sign of a talent. We had select the talent we thought was ours and place that type of potpourri in our bag. We later found out our talent. Mine is serving, interpersonal and invitational.

We had to decorate a box ahead of time and bring it with us to the retreat. They were used to hold all the wonderful notes we got from our sisters throughout the weekend. It was fun to sit down with the box later and read all the sweet and encouraging notes.

Saturday we had a few free time hours. Most of went to downtown Dahlonega to eat and look around in the shops. It was the weekend before Veterans Day so they had several of these crosses with flags.

We also went to the Southern Living Idea House. It was a beautiful house with a beautiful view.

It was not what I expected from the outside. I thought we would drive up to a mansion, considering we passed several on the way in. They were asking 2.3 million unfurnished and 2.5 million furnished. It was more impressive on the inside. They had it decorated for Christmas. I think every room had a tree.

The deck

The kitchen had a huge glass door that opened up all the way to the outside. Great for entertaining.

There was a neighborhood model home that was available to look at so we headed over there next. I personally liked it better that the idea house. Here is Connie, Shelia, Lisa and me stopping for a photo opportunity on the back deck. It was a beautiful scenery. If I had that to look at, I think Carmel could talk me into moving to the mountains( even though I am a beach and sun girl).

The master bedroom the was equipped with its own minibar with frig. Yeah right! I can see it now. Honey, can you grab me a Mt. Dew out of the mini frig?

Shelia taking a rest on the outdoor resting swing. SOLD!

I am not much of a bath person but I think I could learn to like them sitting in this overflowing tub with a candle, music, bubbles, no kids wanting to jump in and that view.

What every house needs a theatre room.
The kids bedroom.
I had a great time and I guess I will be going back next year. I was asked tonight to plan next years retreat.

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