Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Field trip to Lane's.

We went to Lanes with our Coop group. When we first got their, it was crowded with other school groups. I noticed that they were from Lake Joy Elementary ( the school the kids attended when we lived here before). I was looking around to see if I recognized anyone and to my surprise Laney's PreK teacher was there. Laney acted shy but said she remembered her. She was such a wonderful teacher! While we were there, the kids heard a lesson on corn, went through the corn maze( YES! We did get lost!), rode on a hayride, played on the playground and ate lunch. Before we left, the kids got a little pumpkin and popcorn.

We had a great time on our first field trip with Coop. I am sad that we only have 2 more weeks and it is over until Spring. The girls sure have enjoyed going.

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