Monday, November 30, 2009

Part 1 of The 3 State Weed Tour

We planned to leave Wed afternoon around 4:00 but because I was born with the late gene and 2 girls decided Carmel's car needed a quick wash so we left a little later than expected. Before I go any further with our trip, I guess I should go into a little more detail about the car wash. I was inside packing and Carmel went for a run. I thought the girls were inside( I should have known better when it was quiet). Laney comes into my room to let me know something had happened to Carmel's Gamecock magnet. I am thinking YES! It is not something of mine this time. I go outside and his red magnet has been wiped with then bled on the car. They did not stop there they used the same red rag and continued to wipe the rest of the car. All I am thinking is I better hurry and clean it before Carmel gets home if I want to still have 2 daughters. I get Windex and it cleans up very nicely. As I am cleaning, I observe this oily looking liquid that is on the car. I ask Laney what did she use on the car. She then tells me, " We used the stuff in this blue can." OH MY! .......Insect Repellent! Carmel gets home just as I am finishing up( close call). He thinks I am being nice and washing his dirty car. Yeah right, like I had time for that! I let the girls explain what happened. Ella bats those pretty little blue eyes at him and says, "Daddy I wanted to make your car look nice." He smiles!.......that is until he sees the gamecock magnet in the trash. On to our trip. We went to South Carolina to spend Thanksgiving with Carmel's family. Here is Laney with Savannah.
Griffin and Michael
The kid/cousin table.
We had a great time eating, visiting and shopping for those Black Friday Deals at 3:30 am.

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