Saturday, October 24, 2015

Spa Birthday Party

Due to our instability the past 2 years, it has been a while since Ella has had a birthday party with friends. She has been begging for a party! After a little discussion, she decided on a spa sleepover party. If you have been following me for a while, you may remember her sister had a similar party a few years back except she wanted a Paris themed spa party. You can read about it here

I have so many pictures to share that I think I am going to break this post up. I thought I would start with the food. Party food can be so much fun to prepare especially if there is a theme involved. Ella wanted finger foods which was perfect since we would have some kids arriving early and some late. The food was arranged on the table which made it readily available for the girls to grab what they wanted.

The menu:

Chicken salad crescent sandwiches
Ham and cheese tea sandwiches
bagel bites
veggie sticks with ranch
lemon cakes

 I wanted the girls to be able to refill their drink all during the evening so I used clean frappuccino bottles. I added their names so they would know which bottle was theirs.

For dessert, they had a few choices. Since we had a few girls come home with us from Co-op classes, I put them to work. They made these fingernail polish bottles using marshmallows, tootsie rolls and sprinkles.

Laney made pretzels dipped in white chocolate and I made a big bottle of nail polish cake. I really should have added a couple of more layers to get the right height of a nail polish bottle even though it would have been way to much cake to eat.

I will stop there for right now. I can't wait to share the fun we had with mani, pedi and facials.


  1. My daughter is turning 9 this year and he is totally in love with fairytales. So I want to plan similarly themed birthday party for her and for that I want to hire a best NYC event space. Do you have any suggestions or should I consider hiring a planner?

  2. It depends on the amount of time you have to spend on planning and executing a party. I love planning parties so I always want to do it myself. It can get overwhelming at times. If you plan it yourself, Pinterest and Google are wonderful resources to help you plan.

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