Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hamburger or Pumpkin????

We had a pumpkin carving social at church a couple of weeks ago. In the past, we have been lucky to get our pumpkin finished on time for the judging. This year I thought I would try something a little different and easier. 

We made a hamburger pumpkin.

We started by cutting the pumpkin in half and cleaning out the guts. We made sure to save a few of the seeds to use for the top. 

In the middle, we made the patty from Cocoa Rice Krispies. The cheese was a piece of felt. The lettuce was lettuce( I had some left from sandwiches I made earlier…..cheaper that way!). The ketchup was red acrylic paint. We hot glued the pumpkin seeds to the top to look like sesame seeds. We placed the top on and….boom….we were the first ones done!

Ella was so excited to take home first place!

Laney thought we should have entered it in the adult division. They won a Starbucks card. 

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