Monday, October 26, 2015


When Ella chose a spa party, she wanted the full treatment for all of her guest. I knew I was going to need back up for this event. I called on my sister in law who loves to visit the nail salon on a regular basis to help me. I also allowed Laney to have a friend over as long as this friend knew she would be a helper for the night. Thankfully, they both agreed! After supper, we started with facials. This was so much fun to watch. Many of these girls including Ella had never had a facial. Many of them were hesitant at first but soon warmed up to the idea of putting food on their face.

This was a cucumber mask made of cucumbers and plain yogurt.

Cucumbers to relax the eyes.

The girls were given a head piece to help hold their hair back. Next, they used a cleansing cloth to clean their face. Once their face was free of dirt, they spread the cucumber mask all over their face and neck.

They placed cucumbers on their eyes and were told to lay back and relax. We had some music playing in the background to help them just enjoy the moment. I was really wanting to switch places with them!

After 10 minutes, we gave them a warm white washcloth to lay over their face. I had these clothes in a small crockpot to keep them warm.

This was their favorite part of the facial. I heard many oooos and aaahs up under those cloths.

After they used their cloth to clean their face, several of them commented on how great their face felt.

Next up are the pedicures. Come back later to find out how relaxed the girls felt and how tired we were!

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