Thursday, August 1, 2013

Birthday party for 2 at High Falls Waterpark

I asked Laney what she wanted for her birthday. I got a list of 12 items and thought I would share the first 3.

1. iphone..........yeah right!

2. Go to West Monroe, Louisiana to meet Sadie Robertson. We could go to her house and say "hey".............I am having a vision into the future and it screams..... prison time for the Weeds!

3. Duck Dynasty cruise that set sails July 17(her birthday) of next $749/per person????........anyone want to adopt this high expectation chick?

She finally agreed on a party at a local water park. 

Since the party included 25 swimmers, we decided to have a combined party for both girls. It would be their last big hooray with all their friends before we leave.


The next few pictures are really dark due to the party being in the evening. 

Griffin took a few pictures while I was having fun!

Yes that is me coming down the water slide. I told you I was having fun!

 After playing in the water, it was time to eat and open presents.

I kept the cupcakes simple by making the frosting blue for water and adding a beach ball(gumball), float(gummy ring) and an umbrella.

This party was a lot of fun because most of the parents were able to play too!

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