Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas in Montgomery

After church, we headed to my parents for Christmas. We ate a wonderful early supper, opened presents and enjoyed each others company.

Ashton was our Santa this year.

My sister coupons so it was toothpaste and Dawn dish soap for everyone! You may be wondering why Laney and Ella are so excited over Dawn?!?! I keep saying we need a Harris Teeter........there's had money attached to it!

My mom made Laney some pillows for her bed.

I think this Christmas was all about the glitter. Dad got all the kids a box of chocolates which was wrapped in a bow decorated with glitter. By the time we were finished with presents, there was not anyone who was not shining with glitz.

Mom got some new bling bling from her hubby.

Dad.....well he finally got his new ride!

We could not wait to go for a ride.

Or maybe not!

The night would not be complete without games and a severe competition of Just Dance 3. My sister was a little thrown off because she did not have all day to practice. practice...... I still kicked booty!

We had a great Christmas Day and a fun-filled week ahead!

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