Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011

We have finally returned from our Christmas around the world. maybe not around the world....more like a 3 state tour. I have lots to post so I will break it up for the ADD out there.

First stop......home.

Due to Christmas being on a Sunday this year, we decided to open up our gifts from each other on Christmas Eve. We were leaving right after church the next day to go to Montgomery.

We started with a nontraditional Christmas Eve supper fixed by Griffin.
He fixed quail that was hunted, killed and cooked by him. Along with it we had.....broccoli salad, corn casserole and bread.

Griffin made it special by setting the table too!

Notice Ella's face??? She just found out we were eating bird!

After supper, we took a few shots in front of the tree before opening our gifts to each other.

Present time!!!

Even Chewy had a few gifts under the tree!

The girls each picked out a Lalaloopsy toy they wanted. They did not think they were going to get it. Everytime we went to the store, they were out. Little did they know.... I had it the whole time.

Can you tell they were excited?

I got some exercising gear( which would go with my gift the next day) and Carmel got some USC gear and a Kindle.

Daddy got the whole family a new game to play!

After gifts, we ate a yummy cake pop while sipping on hot chocolate.

Next, came the night rituals.....reading The Night Before Christmas, setting out cookies for Santa and sprinkling reindeer mix outside.

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve!

Can't wait to share with you our Christmas Day!

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