Thursday, April 21, 2011

How we spent our Spring Break

We started our Spring Break by traveling to South Carolina to Pa and Grandma's house.

The girls and I headed to North Carolina to visit my sister and niece while the men stayed behind to work on some projects at the grandparents house.

The first day of our visit we went to Concord Mills. It is basically a huge mall. You could easily drop a lot of cash in that place, especially if you have children.  I told the girls they could pick 1 activity to do and 1 treat to get. Laney chose something from Clair's and Emma and Ella chose......

a train ride.

We could not sneak past the play area without them seeing it and wanting to play. 

It made me a bit sad when we went in there and my girls were too big for it. They stayed anyways to HELP their cousin be safe. I can remember the days when they were little and it was like an amusement park to them.

For their treat they chose ice cream. Emma decided using her hands was the best way to eat it.

The next day we went to a little town to take my sister out for her birthday.

We ate at The Soda Shop. Right across from it was a park. Perfect for the girls to run around and for me to get a few pictures.

I love Emma's face in this one.

We couldn't resist a cute little cupcake shop nearby.

My sister has no cable only Netflix. Most of our nights were spent watching a couple of movies. 

I was able to shop at a Harris Teeter while I was there. It was their double coupon days (up to $2). We also stopped by a whole foods store. The prices were a bit high but I was able to get some honey and sucanat. 

Check back tomorrow as we travel back to South Carolina and see what the men were up to.

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