Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why daddy will no longer be telling bedtime stories!

We were on our way home from church tonight when Ella says "Mom, did you know that booger monsters are real?"...... Before I could even get out that monsters are not real, she finishes her story. "Yeah, daddy told me a story about when he was younger and went to a friends house. He wiped boogers on his friend and his friend said he was a monster.

So thank you honey for telling her that story. It is now 10:30pm  and she keeps coming in the room every 10 minutes telling me she is scared of the booger monster.

What is it with the men in this house wanting to scare little girls? She is still not over last week when big brother told her about zombies.

MUWHAHAAAHAA..........April 1............MUWHAAAHAAHAA!

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