Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Lego Americana Road Show

The girls are studying government and civics this year for school. Since there daddy loves history, he is taking over this subject for the year. We are planning a field trip to DC in the Spring and I can't wait. I will be going as a chaperone :) 

When I found out about the Lego Americana Road Show in Birmingham, I knew this this would be a great introduction. If you have never heard about it you can go here to read all about it. I love to look at big creations made with legos. This did not disappoint! Some of them were massive and amazing to look at.

Since this was a field trip, I wanted to make it productive. Before we left, the girls drew names of the different monuments they would be seeing at the Galleria. They were responsible for locating and learning about their particular monument. They were going to have to report about it later.

Here are pictures of Laney standing in front of her monuments. Remember these are all made with legos!

Washington Monument

Statue of Liberty

Supreme Court

Jefferson Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

Ella's monuments

The White House

Liberty Bell

The US Capitol

Independence Hall

Old North Church

They did a great job putting all those legos together! The capitol took the longest to build at 1700 hours.  After doing the math, we figured it would take them around 28 days to finish. That is….if they worked day and night. I am sure it took a lot longer than 28 days. 

If this comes to a town near you, I highly recommend it!

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