Saturday, September 19, 2015

First day of school…...

a month ago! I know….I know….your supposed to post school pictures on the first day. Well…the way I look at it….these days I am lucky to even have the time to put them on here. Have I told you lately how glad I will be when December rolls around. SCHOOL WILL BE DONE FOR ME!!!!! I am tired of not having much of a life due to all the requirements. I have to write and reflect so much more than I ever expected that I really don't want to write anything extra. That means this blog has taken a backseat lately.

Enough of my ramblings!!!! I forgot to take a picture of Griffin in front of his trailer for his first day. I guess he is to old and to absent for first day pictures anymore. This year the girls wanted a photo shoot for pictures. I personally think it was to avoid starting the important stuff like school! 

Here is Laney on the first day of 8th grade and Ella's first day of 4th.

We took a few together shots and then realized Ella had her sign upside down. Yes….their teacher is very observant. 

Because I will keep it real……they went back inside right after this photo shoot and put back on their pajamas for school. 

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